Bill Kunkel

Published November 2005
1000 copies 
200 pages 
Perfect binding 
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Listen to Bill Kunkel giving what may well be the funniest CGE keynote ever at Classic Gaming Expo 2005

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Go behind the scenes with the man who covered the Electronic Games business from Day One!

 In 1981 Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz founded Electronic Games magazine, the first magazine devoted entirely to the new generation of plugged-in entertainment from video and computer games to hand-helds, tabletop games, coin-ops and even state-of-the-art military and training simulators. Although the magazine only lasted just a few issues past its third birthday, it is still regarded as one of the finest game magazines ever published. Now, Bill Kunkel, a.k.a. The Game Doctor, reveals the untold stories behind both the magazine, and the people who brought us the ‘classic’ era of electronic gaming, along with other personal memoirs ranging from his early days as a comic book writer and rock guitarist to the sad saga of how his lifelong dream of becoming The Batman became the basis of a nightmarish movie/computer game tie-in experience.

 Whether you’re a fan of videogames, comic books, or simply love to hear good inside stories told with a spark of wit and candor, gather round. Confessions of the Game Doctor is just what the doctor ordered.

Confessions of the Game Doctor is a jaw-dropping collection of anecdotes that'll show you the video-game industry from a completely new angle. The quality and integrity of Bill Kunkel's pioneering work in game journalism and game design are all the more remarkable when you learn about the whirlwind of sex, drugs and public-relations hoopla that surrounded him while he produced it."
- Chris Bieniek -Editor in Chief, Tips & Tricks Magazine

"Forget about whatever you've heard about the videogame industry, this book lays it all out, good and bad."
-Vince Desi - Publisher, Running With Scissors

"No writer or journalist has been around longer and seen the inside of the industry more than Bill Kunkel... He INVENTED video game journalism and the reader will be intrigued and amazed at all the information and knowledge he's gained over the years and is now willing to share through the stories he tells. A must have for anyone interested in knowing the "real" roots of the video game industry!"
-Tommy Tallarico -Game Composer, G4 host

 "Bill 'The Game Doctor' Kunkel has always been larger-than-life, and I never stop smiling when I’m around him or reading his stuff. The Game Doctor has been a great friend, industry cohort, social host, and supporter of the video game community. He’s truly passionate about sharing the joy of game playing. I’ll never forget all the crazy video game and pizza nights that he (and Laurie) hosted for us as young, enthusiastic video game developers.”
- Mike Legg -President: Petroglyph Studios ("Star Wars: Empire at War")

"Bill Kunkel is the best journalist that the videogame industry has ever known, and Confessions of The Game Doctor is written in his inimitable style: remarkably insightful, brutally honest, and frequently hilarious."
-- Zach Meston (Video Game Collector, PlayStation Extreme)