Published September 1995
50 copies
24 pages
Stapled binding
I had intended to sell the prototype copy of Phoenix for $14 a copy. Several fanzines wrote reviews and mentioned this price. It was shortly before these reviews were published that I made the decision to actually have the book printed and bound. This drove the retail price up to $19.99. The final kicker was when  EGM2 reviewed the book with the $14 price. Since it wasn't fair in my mind that some people paid $14 (postage free!) while others paid $19.99 + $2.50 postage, I decided to include a bonus for all who bought the book at the $19.99 price. The result was Phoenix: 1994 which supplements the original book. This also was the basis for the 1994 chapter in the second edition although the two are not exactly the same. Originally I had hopes to release a yearly update to Phoenix but that idea didn't last too long.