September 1996

I gave an incredibly short review to the advance copy of Phoenix that was sent to me so long ago. I've known for a while that the latest version was out, but it was when someone mentioned that they had seen VZ in Phoenix that I wrote and requested a copy of Phoenix and it's child, Phoenix: 1994. Needless to say, I got them. Let me now try to give a competent review to a book so graciously sent to me gratis... 

Phoenix is the only book that I know of that attempts to tell the history of home gaming. If I ever taught a class in understanding video games, this would be the text book. Phoenix competently goes straight from Pong to Virtual Boy in 360 pages, and you'll probably devour it in a day. Leonard has put everything you'll ever need to know in this book, and you'll be a better gamer for it (and impress your friends).