November 1997

Those interested in the history of video games might have come across a book by Leonard Herman entitled Phoenix: the Fall and Rise of Video Games. As long  time fans of the book, Game Informer is happy to see a second edition surface with the promise of increased distribution.

This insightful, informative, and thorough summary of the history of home video games and video game systems now comes packed with pictures, new appendices, and updated chapters (up to and including 1996). Author Leonard Herman is beyond a doubt a serious gamer, and his narrative is an entertaining balance between fact and industry analysis. Everything from the thousands of ET cartridges at the bottom of a landfill, to the origin of the Sony PlayStation, to the many lawsuits and rifts that formed the basis of today's software and hardware development wars, are explained in clear and concise detail. Phoenix will humble any braggart who claims to know all about home video gaming.