November 1999

Originally published in 1994, Phoenix is the first book written about the history of the video game industry. Now in its second edition, Phoenix takes you from the very beginnings of computer technology all the way through the release of the N64. New in this edition are photographs of the myriad games, consoles and strange hardware that have found their way to the consumer market, some with great success and others with dismal failure. Leonard also talks about consoles that never even made it to store shelves, like the Magnavox Odyssey3 and the Konix Multi-System. Unlike other recent accounts of the history of the video game industry, Phoenix goes into far greater detail and makes far fewer factual errors, presenting the observations of an author who actually possesses the knowledge to write on the subject. Also included in this edition are appendices on computer history, the internet, web sites, magazines and a bibliography.  Educating  yourself about the history of it all is one of the most important things you can do as a video game player, and reading Phoenix is the best way to accomplish this. Highly recommended.