September 2001

For some time now the Classic book about Video Game literature has been sold out. Now appears the third edition of "Phoenix", in large format and with many new chapters.

The passionate video game player Herman has put together innumerable facts with painstaking detail work, from magazines, personal conversations and published documents, which he combines in about 400 pages into a historical summary.

In pages organized strictly by date you will find a plethora (of info) about the consoles, games and software milestones, beginning with the earliest calculators through the end of Sega.

The whole thing is complemented through the presence of a thick, useful appendix and B&W pictures.

To be sure, the book is focused primarily on the US market in addition to the fact that it minimizes citations/interviews with industry "greats".

However, anyone seeking a competent and detailed reference work about his hobby will find it in "Phoenix".