Despite my best research, editing and proofreading, errors have crept into the B&W edition of Phoenix IV. I would like to thank Alexander Smith, Kris Randazzo and Kevin Butler for providing me with errors that they have found, whether they be factual errors or typographical errors. These will be corrected in the deluxe color edition of Phoenix IV and future editions of Phoenix. As I work on them, I will list them here.

The photos of the Fujitsu FM Towns Marty on page 252, the JVC WonderMega M2 on page 260, the Sega of America Saturn on page 302, the SCE Dualshock 2 on page 395, the Tiger R-Zone Headgear on page 317,  the Tiger R-Zone Super Screen on page 347 and  the Tiger R-Zone XPG on page 363 were inadvertantly not credited to Evan Amos.

Page 28 - The signal broadcast from the Epoch Electrotennis was not picked up by the television's anntenna. A special antenna was packaged with the console, which was screwed into the TV's RF input connections.
Page 113 - The magazine date is actually January 18, 1982.
Page 152 - In 1984, following the sale of the consumer division of Atari Inc to Jack Traniel, Warner Communications retained Atari's arcade division and renamed it Atari Games. In 1985, Namco purchased a controlling interest of Atari Games, while Warner Communications kept a minor interest.

Jack Tramiel had no interest in the Amiga chipset when he purchased Atari Games. Commodore never 'stole' it out from under him.

Page 316 - The diagram at the bottom of the page should say VIR Systems Bird Controller
Page 365 - The caption should say Nintendo SNES 2, not Nintendo NES 2.
Page 436 - Although the Nintendo Mobile Adapter GB was scheduled to be released on December 14, 2000, along with Pocket Monsters Crystal Version, it was actually delayed until January 27, 2001.
Page 554 - Model # for Coby unit should be TF-DVD 500
Page 589 - Caption for photo on top right should read: "SCE PSP Headset with Remote Control"