I have just one question. Is "videogame" supposed to have a dash ("video-game") or what? Everyone seems to have different opinions on this. 

Anyway, here's the explanation of my review system's numbers: SUCKYNESS of one. Plain and simple, this book doesn't suck. GRAPHICS of one. What did you expect, it's just a book! the review copy didn't have any pics, but so what, I'm glad he didn't waste space. SOUND FX/MUSIC of ten. I was listening to Megadeth. Got it?

With the pitiful stuff said, let's move on to the actual book. Lemme tell you, it's marvelous! From the abacus to the Jaguar, everything that ever happened in the gaming world is detailed. I haven't seen the bibliography yet but it must be lengthy! Even if you aren't into classic games, YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK! If you don't, I laugh at you. Haha. I'm better than you. Haha. This is ME laughing at YOU. Haha.

But seriously (seriously?), every major event is here with precise dates, systems with precise specs, and Leonard lets you in on what's been going on in the industry's top minds. If you've been thinking about buying it let me give you the final push...DO IT!