Okay. I got this in the mail a few days ago. At first I kinda figgered, "How interesting could a novelization of the industry’s history be?" But, I gave it a chance, and found that it can be VERY interesting Or at least this book helps make it interesting, with pretty good writing that's mostly serious but which is scattered with occasional pinklettes (Don't ya just love that word? I do!) of humor (such as the author's reference to Chuck E Cheese as a "huge rat") A lot of effort obviously went into this book, and it shows. I found myself wondering where Leonard found some of the info, as it's detailed to the extreme and totally complete. Conclusions are drawn after major events, so you have no questions about the reason something happened, and it's arranged at a beautifully consistent pace, which is rare in this type of book. Overall, I've got to recommend this to anyone with even a teeny bit of interest in the history of video games.