In an exciting new development for intelligent gamers everywhere, Leonard Herman has announced imminent finalized publication of his new book, Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Home Videogames. This novel covers the entire history of video games, from the first systems to the most recent developments. Although several other books have dealt with videogames, most have simply discussed specific comlpanies, not the industry as a whole. It's nice to have such a great source for information on the industry we all love so much (even I didn't know some of the things in this book). Herman sent myself an advance copy of the book, which I read with great interest in one night. Not that this book was short, mind you, it's just that it was so captivating I couldn't put it down. In the finalized version, coverage will span through 1993 (my preview copy ended at 1991), with additional chapters on multimedia and virtual reality. Herman is publishing the book himself, and those into videogames will find it to be well worth its $14.00 price tag.