June 1994

I'm not covering any games or systems this month; actually, I have a treat for all you Classic Gaming fanatics! Know what it is? Yep, itís a book. It's a book that has EVERY historical fact that exists in gaming! This book, named: Phoenix, (The Fall & Rise Of Home VideoGaming)" has to be the most informative piece to exist. 

And let me say that you'll be astonished with this publication. From the beginning - to the end; the info is highly descriptive. The Author, whose name is Leonard Herman, even names the games creators and the situations Mattel, Coleco. Atari and other companies went through! This adds to the reading experience, making for a great read. And if I was you, I'd stop hounding the Fanzines for information this great publication now offers. For $14.00, you'll get this and great chapters on Multimedia and Virtual Reality. Don't hesitate! Order a copy today